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30 September
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Hello! I'm Meg Ewing, and I'll be your model for this evening.
Hell, I'll be a model 'till my career is over.
I've been a GUESS® model, a Victoria's Secret Model... and a bunch more. =D

... Anyway.

Stuff about me:
Height: 5' 8"
Shoe Size: 8
Hair: Brown and wavy
Eyes: Hazel... they look really blue sometimes.
Size: 2-4 (I wear a 3, damnit.)
Age: 17 (September 30, 1984)
Status: SINGLE.
Likes: Just check the list.
Dislikes: DRA-MA. I hate it. I don't like people who are mean, or don't like me. I'm hard to get along with, I know. I'm overly hyper, okay?

Alright, you got me. I'm not the real Megan Ewing. Happy now?